World Car Free Day


It’s official, September 22nd is World Car Free Day.  Is this one of the world’s best kept secrets?

What a great opportunity to celebrate this day by leaving your car at home and considering an alternative means of transport.  But, if you really must use your car, you could share any empty seats, which would be the next best thing.

We confess, at UGOMYWAY, we’ve been on a mission for a few years now to popularise carpooling, having addressed one of the missing links; a home grown, world class, carpool app.  But the news of this day came as a surprise to us.  Mea culpa – apologies – never again!

South Africa also celebrates Transport Month during October. UGOMYWAY have a number of initiatives to raise awareness of carpooling at various locations throughout Cape Town. We will also reach a significant milestone in our journey – the launch of UGOMYWAY on iPhone during the month of December.  Here’s a sneak preview:-

iPhone 6 - Create Ride iPhone 6 - Find MatchesiPhone 6 - Chat

Soon after launching on iPhone, we will be updating our Android platform with all the improvements we made during the development of the iPhone app.

The power of the exponential effect is also fast becoming apparent.  During our research we could see that as we approached 1,000 users the chances of finding a carpool match would increase significantly.  We can now see this effect happening with each new Cape Town user, more often than not, finding a match.

We cannot express how grateful we are to those first 500, or so, users, for whom the chances of finding a match were kinda slim.  Nothing worth doing was ever easy.

If you didn’t find a good match first time come back and give it another go now.

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