uGoMyWay (2014 – 2018)

You may be here because you are looking for a carpool platform. You may be here because you have been using ours.

Either way, we thank you for your support or interest in UGOMYWAY.

Here’s a thing… UGOMYWAY may not be functioning accurately, properly or at all. We sincerely apologise for that.

From 2014-18, a small team have tried very hard to get this thing off the ground, but we have reached the end of our runway and must now shut down the engine and mothball UGOMYWAY. We may yet demothball.

So where did we go wrong?

UGOMYWAY needed to receive support; financial, technical, media exposure along with support from corporates and government until it could sustain itself.

With a great development team we got UGOMYWAY to market by January 2016. The iPhone version followed in January 2017.

With a great publicist, we got excellent support from the media; radio, television, newspaper, lifestyle magazines, print, digital and social along with three awards for technical innovation.

Corporate support vacillated.

Government support was non existent.

The congestion is getting worse. We know what is needed. The use-case has moved forward. The technology has leapt forward. The message and how to publicise the message is crystal clear.

How to make a solid business case out of this was always the challenge because sometimes the market is unable to deliver what the people really need.