The One Comma Club

Would you join a club that only had 10 members?  100?  What about 1,000 members?

What about a carpool movement that is trying to bring mobility to the most congested city in South Africa by suggesting they share their private vehicle with another person with that same intention. 

Let’s imagine there are five areas in your City where people work.  We’ll keep it very simple by using the same five areas where people live.  Now let’s put this simple City into a matrix and consider this visually.




Even if we ignore all the people who live and work in the same area, there are 20 commuter possibilities to consider here.  If luck would have it that the first 20 folk who joined this movement were evenly distributed, then nobody would ever find a match.  However, the 21st member would. 

Now remember this was a very simple version of a city.  It only had five nodes.  The City of Cape Town has more than 500 residential and business nodes.

But when 1,000 people join a movement, the chances of finding a match increase significantly.  This is often referred to as the network effect, a viral effect or the fancy mathematical term an exponential effect.  We prefer vortex!

At UGOMYWAY, we cannot thank those first 1,000 users enough.  Our work here is far from done, but we’re well on our way.

Our sincerest thanks to those first 1,000 members.

And if you’re not a member yet, then join


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