Carpool & Rideshare : Schools

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Schools are ready made communities where trust and friendships already exist making them perfect for lift-clubs.  Even where lift-club arrangements are already in place, uGoMyWay puts visibility on their activity and encourages others to follow the lead.

Rideshare for SchoolsuGoMyWay For schools

Carpool & Rideshare for Schools

  • Demonstrates commitment to the environment
  • Reduces congestion at the school gate
  • Strengthens the parent community
  • Put your School on our Leaderboard
  • Boosts the bursary fund *

For Parents

  • Saves hundreds of Rands in travel costs each month
  • Saves hours of travel time each day
  • Safely ‘ring fenced’ – only see and be seen by others in your school
  • No-embarrassment settlement
  • Builds stronger friendships

For the Earth

  • Reduces CO2 emissions
  • Reduces congestion
* We will donate R25 to the school bursary fund on your behalf for the first 40 members to register, download the App and log a trip.


School Resources

School Leaflet

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