Carpool & Rideshare : Government & Non Government

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Greater usage of  carpooling and rideshare has been on the wish list of governments and NGOs for many years, because it has massive potential benefits in terms of reduced traffic congestion, reduced energy consumption, reduced carbon footprint, and cleaner air. UGOMYWAY finally gives them the tools that they need to make rideshare popular.

Rideshare for Government

Carpool & Rideshare for Government

  • Reduces congestion
  • As recommended by Road Authority TDM Strategies
  • Measurable impact against Policy Objectives
  • Improves Road Safety
  • Reduces CO2 emissions
  • Reduces Road Maintenance Costs
  • Increases parking space availability


For Government Offices

  • Reduces Parking Bays costs (R500 – R1,500 / month)
  • Put your Municipality on our Leaderboard
  • Demonstrates commitment to the environment
  • Provide rewards for employees who car pool


For Employees

  • Saves hundreds of Rands in travel costs each month
  • Saves hours of travel time each day
  • Safely ‘ring fenced’ – only see and be seen by others in your organisation
  • No-embarrassment settlement
  • Builds stronger friendships