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Employers are recognising the adverse effects that the daily commute is having on well-being and productivity in the workplace.  They recognise something must be done about the congestion.

For many commuters, public transport is simply not an option and hence the need to accommodate large numbers of private cars.  Hidden amongst the costs of most organisations is the substantial cost of parking those cars.  In many cases, transport accounts for the largest proportion of an Organisation’s energy use.

Carpooling and ride share provide a means of significantly reducing the number of cars on our congested roads and in turn the cost burden of parking those cars. It also represents an easy means by which Organisations can measure and reduce their carbon footprint.

If you would like us to present a workshop to raise awareness on the benefits of carpooling please contact us here.

Rideshare for Corporates

Carpool & Rideshare for Corporates

  • Reduces congestion
  • Accurately measure reduction of CO2 emissions
  • Reduces parking bay costs (R500 – R2,000 / month)
  • Console to manage users and leaderboard
  • Put your Business on our leaderboard
  • Demonstrates commitment to the environment
  • Measurable means to reward employees who car pool


For Employees

  • Saves hundreds of Rands in travel costs each month
  • Saves hours of travel time each day
  • Safely ‘ring fenced’ – only see and be seen by others in your organisation
  • No-embarrassment settlement
  • Builds stronger friendships


For the Earth

  • Reduces CO2 emissions