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UGOMYWAY launches in Cape Town

Congestion on the road network is not only an obstacle to economic growth but also a major contributor to climate change and ill health.  The ever increasing use of private cars means we are all part of the problem. But now we can all be part of the solution. (more…)

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Cape Town Air Quality

Our dirty little secret

By common reckoning, backed up by Conde Nast the travel publisher, Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The city is a potent mix of architecture, vibrancy, diverse people, stunning mountains, beautiful oceans, abundant flora and crystal clear air quality.  Oh wait! (more…)

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History of rideshare

A brief history of rideshare

There is nothing new about sharing a ride, carpooling and lift clubs.  Yet, nearly 80% of the cars regularly travelling into the Cape Town CBD every morning have only one person in each.  Let’s look at a brief history of rideshare to see if we can identify where the problem is. (more…)

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Do we need rideshare or Superhighways?

The information superhighway was a popular term used throughout the 90s to refer to a digital communication system, which eventually became the Internet as we know it. The term has been pensioned off.  To all intents and purposes, the job’s done! (more…)

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SA Public Transport Strategy

South Africa’s public transport strategy is fine. But we all need to help with the execution It’s 7:20 am on the M3 heading into Cape Town. You have been staring at the bumper of the bakkie in front of you for the last 15 minutes. The vehicle must weigh a couple of tons. It is […]

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