Carpool & Rideshare : Ecosystem

So much more than a carpool & rideshare app, UGOMYWAY is an entire rideshare Ecosystem.

On the phone – A native app for Android and iPhone. Superior user experience, yet insanely simple to operate, UGOMYWAY delivers a comprehensive and compelling solution to rideshare.

From creating a ride, finding a match, in app chat and arrangements, to trip log and settlement of shared costs, the UGOMYWAY app delivers a unique pocket based transport solution.

Settlement – We have made the sharing of costs as simple as possible by using the SnapScan mobile payment system. Once you have downloaded SnapScan, we don’t need all that QR Code hubbub. Simply hit the Pay Button and enter your secure SnapScan pin code. SnapScan is also a convenient way to pay for coffee and parking in the CBD.  Zapper support will be coming in a future release.

Console – Companies, schools or any type of organisation can pre-register their members to securely ring-fence their user community. By maintaining a private profile, any member of an organisation may only see, and be seen, by other members of the organisation. Or a user may elect to have a public profile, in which case they may see, and be seen, by all other members who have public profiles.

Leaderboard – The leaderboard displayed on our Web site provides a real time view of who is making the biggest difference through carpooling and rideshare, across cities or organisation types. Why wouldn’t your organisation want to promote its commitment to reducing congestion and CO2 emissions.

UGOMYWAY Carpool & Rideshare Eco System