What is carpooling and ride sharing?

The sharing of vehicles by passengers who travel the same route, to reduce vehicle trips, ease traffic congestion and reduce automobile emissions

Benefits of carpooling:

There are many benefits that can be achieved through carpooling and ride sharing, including:

  • Lowered congestion on the roads
  • Shared cost of traveling (fuel, tolls, parking, vehicle maintenance)
  • Higher vehicle occupancy
  • Reduced carbon emissions
  • More enjoyable commuting
  • Health benefits from less congested roads

What does UGOMYWAY do?

Provides an App for download to your iPhone or Android phone that enables you to:

  • Describe your journey
  • Find other travellers, within your community, whose journeys are matches for yours
  • Chat to them
  • Make arrangements
  • Travel together and share costs

Trust and safety concerns:

  • We recommend that you chat with a prospective match before sharing any personal information with them. Satisfy yourself that the other person is a colleague or parent at the same organisation or school, or seems like somebody you can trust. There are obvious risks involved in arranging rides for children, so take extra special care in this case.
  • The email address and phone number of all users will be verified during the registration process, but we will not share them with other users. You should only share them once you are comfortable doing so.
  • The UGOMYWAY App allows you to rate those you have travelled with so other members of the community can see their ranking as a driver and/or passenger.
  • Staying and being safe is an important consideration. Please follow all of your standard safety precautions when connecting with other users in person. UGOMYWAY can not and does not guarantee your safety.


  • We will NOT reveal your physical address, email address or telephone number to other users of our system.
  • We treat your personal information with care. Our Privacy Policy tells you what information we collect, how it is used, plus other useful information about your rights. You can find it here. Other community members cannot see any personal information (like email details, telephone number or home address) unless you choose to share it with them.


  • You need to be over the age of 18 in order to be a member of our community. If you choose to make Arrangements for children under the age of 18, you can only do so as their parent or guardian. Please take special care in making such Arrangements: they are at your own risk.

Insurance Implications:

  • Different insurance providers stipulate the cover they offer in respect of regular passengers. We recommend checking your policy or getting in touch with your provider in order to be compliant with their requirements and to be sure that you are properly covered.
  • Sharing the costs of travel is notably different from charging a passenger with the purpose of making a profit. The latter is a commercial arrangement and your insurer is unlikely to cover this under your personal insurance.

Getting started:

In order to use the App you simply need to download it onto either your iPhone or Android phone.

Creating a profile:

Once you have downloaded the App you will need to register and create a user profile. You will be guided through this process within the App itself. An image is required.

Should you need to change any details on your profile simply select profile in the main menu.

Creating a ride:

  • Create a trip indicating whether you are willing to drive or a passenger, arrival and departure points, the times and days of travel and your approximate route
  • We will inform you of other members whose trips match these requirements
  • Matches are ranked according to the maximum shared journey with the minimum journey deviation
  • Chat with people who match without revealing email, phone number or address details to them
  • Make lift arrangements
  • Log the trips that you share and the App will automatically calculate the shared cost. This calculation is based on the length of the trip (as calculated in the App), the number of trips logged, the agreed rate per km and who was the driver for every trip.

Finding a match for a ride:

  • The App will display matches ranked by quality of match. We take several factors into consideration when calculating the quality of match. What ranks highest is convenience along with the length of the journey you can share so we will consider how near to start and end points and the route.
  • You can chat with other Members inside the App in order to make an arrangement or not. Any arrangement you come to with them is entirely voluntary and based on good faith between parties. If we collect a Cost Contribution for you, then we are clearly obliged to reimburse you (less our Service Fee of R2,50 + 7%). Otherwise, Arrangements are not enforceable, with good performance being encouraged through your ability to Rate other members.
  • Once you have travelled with someone, you will be able to rate them within the App for other members of our community to see. Considerations here would include: punctuality, reliability, driving, vehicle, safety and others.
  • The App allows for flexibility in sharing rides with multiple people understanding that you may not wish to travel with the same people in every instance.

Cancelling a ride:

  • A ride is not considered to have taken place unless you record it in the trip log.
  • You do not need to do anything in the App in order to cancel a ride.
  • Although if you have already made an arrangement with someone for that ride, you should let them know through the Chat functions or otherwise if you are not going to make it.

Cancelling an arrangement:

  • You can end an arrangement by cancelling it in the App.
  • You may wish to do this for several reasons, for instance to change the agreed upon rate or times you would need to delete the existing arrangement and make a new one.
  • You may not wish to rideshare at that time or with those people any longer.
  • Should you cancel the arrangement, any trips already made remain saved in the trip log.
  • Etiquette indicates that you give notice to your traveling companions thereby giving them enough time to make alternate arrangements and that you settle up any voluntary cost contributions owed.

The cost of ridesharing:

  • The App recommends a rate per kilometre for the journey. The current recommended rate is R1,00 per kilometre and is designed to keep below the rate for recovery of costs recommended by regulatory bodies.
  • You may wish to adjust this amount upwards or downwards for any reason, perhaps to take into account additional costs such as: high fuel consumption, vehicle maintenance, parking, tolls, etc.
  • The distance of the journey is calculated automatically along with the journey cost.

Contributing to the cost:

  • The driver of the vehicle may request a contribution from passengers in order to share a trip with them. A passenger may wish to counter this request until an arrangement is reached.
  • Note that any contribution to travel costs is entirely voluntary. The App provides only visibility and makes it easy to share traveling costs.
  • We do not chase voluntary cost contributions on your behalf and recommend amending the rating that you have given for this user accordingly as well as the stopping of any arrangement as appropriate.

Collecting contributions on behalf of the driver:

  • uGoMyWay makes it easy to share costs with your driver(s) in order to share the costs of their journey(s).
  • uGoMyWay provides a statement for users based on the trips taken during the month. Voluntary cost contributions are made using SnapScan. For more about SnapScan’s services please see their website here www.snapscan.co.za.
  • uGoMyWay acts as a shared cost collection agent for drivers and will collect all monies paid to them by their passengers and after deducting a small fee (calculated as a R2,50 + 7% of the total) reimburse this money via EFT into their bank account.

Worked Example:

Cyril and Joshua share a ride to work, from Diep River to Dorp Street in the CBD (20 km).

They agree a shared cost of R1,00 per km.  (which reflects half the fuel costs, parking costs and settlement costs).

The shared journey cost is 20 km x R1,00 = R20 per trip.

In a week they make 10 shared journeys together (2 per day.  5 times a week).

The shared cost in a week is; 10 (occasions) x 20 (km) x R1,00 (per km) = R200

Cyril makes a voluntary cost contribution to Joshua R200 at the end of the week.

The shared cost Settlement Fee is R2,50 + 7% of R200 = R16,50

Joshua receives R183,50 by electronic funds transfer (EFT) to his bank account.

Remember, if Cyril and Joshua both drove to work, each of them would have spent R200 / week.

The shared cost settlement fee is less than R2,00 per trip.

Organisation and members:

  • If you were not pre-registered by an organisation to which you belong, you may request membership from within the App
  • If you set your profile to Private you will only see, and be seen by, other members of organisations to which you belong.
  • If you set your profile to Public you will see, and be seen by, all other members who have public profiles, regardless of any organisation to which you belong
  • If you set your profile to Public and found a match, you may then set your profile back to Private again

Public or Private Profile

  • If you set your profile to Private then you will only see, and be seen by, other members of organisations to which you belong.
  • If you set your profile to Public, then you will see, and be seen, by all other members who have public profiles, regardless of any organisation to which you belong
  • If you were not pre-registered by an organisation to which you belong, you may request membership from within the App.

Ridesharing etiquette:

  • Be punctual. Agree up front how long is considered a reasonable time to wait for fellow passengers.
  • Be flexible.
  • Timeous notification of changes to any arrangements.
  • Regular stops en route are frowned upon unless arranged with fellow passengers.
  • Be considerate of your fellow passengers’ needs when selecting music, answering phone calls, applying strong scents or opting to wind the windows down.
  • Enjoy your ride together.
  • Ensure you have a back up plan to cover you for last minute emergencies.
  • Breaking up with your rideshare isn’t hard to do. Just be sure to give the other members enough notice to be able to work something else out and to settle up your shared costs.