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uGoMyWay (2014 – 2018)

You may be here because you are looking for a carpool platform. You may be here because you have been using ours. Either way, we thank you for your support or interest in UGOMYWAY. (more…)

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Cape Town Congestion

Factfulness – Congestion

Wouldn’t it be great to have invented this term, but it turns out Hans Rosling beat us to it first with his book Factfulness: Ten Reasons We’re Wrong About the World – and Why Things Are Better Than You Think.  (more…)

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Pod Interior

Future of Carpooling

Is carpooling the future of urban mobility? There would be something gratifying about guessing the future, particularly when it is patently counterintuitive. Isn’t carpooling all about that quaint 70’s notion that we could all reduce our petrol costs and save the planet if only we could remember a lesson taught to all schoolchildren on their first day […]

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Mobility in the era of peak road

Act naturally! is a straight forward example of an oxymoron, in case you ever needed one. If you stay in Cape Town and were ever looking for a better example, then look no further than the term “urban mobility”.  (more…)

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