All about Carpool and Rideshare

UGOMYWAY is South Africa’s 1st end-to-end carpool, rideshare and liftclub app and the No.1 choice of corporates.


Greater usage of  carpooling and rideshare has also been on the wish list of cities, transport authorities and governments for many years, because it has massive potential benefits in terms of reduced traffic congestion, reduced energy consumption, reduced carbon footprint, and cleaner air. UGOMYWAY finally delivers the tools to make carpooling work and rideshare more popular.

If you want to learn more about carpooling and rideshare, and how they fit into transport policy and planning, here are some useful resources.

City of Cape Town

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The City of Cape Town identifies and promotes the benefits of carpooling and makes clear the issue of licensing and permits:-

“Lift club drivers can recoup the costs of petrol from their fellow passengers as long as the costs are split evenly and there is no profit involved”

If you are charging to make a profit, then you need to apply for an operating licence for your car and a Professional Driving Permit (PDP) from your local Public Transport Authority.”  Read more here : Lift Clubs

Transport and Development Agency for Cape Town

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Transport for Cape Town (TCT) is the City of Cape Town’s unified transport authority. Carpooling and lift-clubs are a key part of their Travel Demand Management Strategy. Read it here

The City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Transport and Urban Development, Councillor Brett Herron identified the need to carpool in March 2017.  Read it here.

Executive Mayor, Patricia de Lille referenced car-sharing in a speech at the Cape Town Congestion Summit in November 2015.  Read it here

 Provincial Government of the Western Cape


PGWC reference UGOMYWAY specifically here : Join the car free movement

The Minister for Economic Opportunities, Minister Alan Winde, provided a showcase for UGOMYWAY at the Ministry as part of the 1st Thursdays (Transport Technology) initiative on 7th September 2017 along with Donald Grant, Minister for Transport and Public Works and Councillor Brett Heron, Mayoral Committee Member for Transport and Urban Development at City of Cape Town.  Details here

The Provincial Government’s Department of Transport and Public Works regularly updates its Provincial Land Transport Framework. Like TCT, it sees carpooling as an important part of transport demand management.

Read more about carpooling in the Western Cape here: Provincial Land Transport Framework 2012

The Provincial Government’s Green Economy Strategy Framework also features carpooling, as a way of boosting the efficiency of private transport: Western Cape Green Economy Strategy Framework

Open Streets

Open Streets BT

Open Streets aims to make Cape Town’s streets into shared spaces that help to bridge the social and spatial divides of our City.   The organisation believes that streets should enable safer and more cohesive communities, and provide platforms for creative expression of local cultures and values. uGoMyWay says: “If you can’t cycle, then rideshare.” Carpooling helps to free up Cape Town’s streets.